Have a laugh!

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My Wedding Day!

It was a very cold day. I knew I should have stayed in bed that day. I went out side and my car was frozen cold. After thawing out my car I decided it was time to get my tux for the big event. On the way there I hit a little ditch. I decided to make the best of it so I went fishing. I had no trasnportation so my sister came over and we went to look at a porche. That didn't work out so I decided to rent a car instead. I got a great deal on an older model car but I think the car was possessed, because of the smoke that came out of it when I had a small accident. I knew I had taken a wrong turn somewhere because I had to build a boat to get accross the road. The weather then got so bad I had to be rescued out from the water. I almost didn't make it. I finally made to the alter, and waited for my queue to give her the big kiss, but when she kissed me it felt painful.

For our honeymoon, we decided to go to Mexico to see the famouse bull fighting. Never drink the water in Mexico.

After the wife moved in there were a few changes made to my apartment. She wanted me to be sweet. Since I still had no car I decided to use hers, but then decided to walk to work instead. On the way to work I saw the cuttest little doggie.

Back at work I found that most of my co-workers were tying to excape from working. I found out why when I went to my desk and saw my new upgraded computer.

OK, OK... I know I am not the best at telling stories, but you had to have had a good laugh....

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